Microalgae growth in microphotobioreactors

In order to fully exploit the industrially relevant potentials of emerging microalgal species, their growth needs to be assessed in different environments. The obtained information can be used to predict how they could fit the artificial conditions of photobioreactors. However the evaluation of microalgae growth parameters in different environments, in both lab-scale or middle-scale photobioreactors, is often a time-consuming procedure.

The research carried out at PAR-Lab aims at developing and exploiting micro-scale systems to improve high-throughput for monitoring microalgae growth according to a lab-on-a-chip approach. Such state-of-the-art technology allows to accelerate the description of complex multiscale mechanisms determining the interactions between light and growth, and to intensify the experimental effort thanks to a high-throughput approach and an efficient and precise control on a number of inputs, thus reducing labour, costs and time.